Why Humane Society?

Our Name is our Legacy. The Humane Society of Philadelphia, patterned after the Royal Humane Society of London (a “Society for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Drowned”), was organized in 1770 to rescue people from drowning.

Founded in 1849, The Skater’s Club of the City and county of Philadelphia was the first skating club in North America. Its members skated on frozen rivers and lakes in the Philadelphia area. The club’s objectives were “instruction and improvement” in the art of skating, cultivation of friendship among the skaters and the rescue of people who fell through the ice.

When the Humane Society ceased to function, its organization and responsibilities were acquired by the Skaters Club of the City and County of Philadelphia.

In 1861 The Humane Society of Philadelphia (a river rescue group founded in 1770) and The Skater’s Club of the City and County of Philadelphia (founded in 1849) became The Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society. In 1938, PSC7HS moved to its present, club-owned location in Ardmore.