Junior Skating

As Club Members, Junior skaters (skaters under the age of 18) and their families can develop a love and proficiency in the sport of figure skating, and make new friends while participating in various Club activities throughout the season. PSC&HS is a volunteer based organization, please get involved in order to make our events successful. For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, all parents and skaters are asked to be familiar with the Ice Rules. Skating Levels are as follows:  Junior A, Junior B, and Junior C. Ice time is appropriately designated per level.

Junior A: (High) is for skaters who have passed the Novice Moves-in-the-Field (MIF) or Juvenile FS or Gold Dance. Junior A skaters are NOT permitted to skate down a level on the B sessions.

Junior B: (Low) skaters must have passed Preliminary MIF, but not have passed Novice MIF.

Level A and B skaters are permitted to skate the Mixed sessions with adults.

Junior C: Skaters in Basic Skills level 1-6 through passing preliminary MIF. .

All levels A, B, and C are permitted on the MIXED + C sessions.

Parents are reminded that children may NOT be dropped-off unless they have a designated adult friend in attendance. In addition, families must fill out an Emergency Form to be kept in the Office. Parents are encouraged to volunteer for “Ice Duty” to assist in monitoring these sessions for safety.

Our Club offers our Junior skating members the opportunity to participate in our Synchronized Skating program. Click here for more info on our TEAM !