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Why Should I Join PSCHS?

PSCHS, America’s Oldest Figure Skating Club, gives members the opportunity to skate year round in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We offer competitive, instructional and recreational skating for children, teens, and adults.  Members can also enroll in free group lessons, join our various competitive teams, and attend numerous social and skating events throughout the season.

Advantages of Membership

Access to approximately 16 hours of skating daily (depending upon membership and skill level) during Winter Season (Oct-April), whereas non-members may only skate 4 times total (outside of Public session) and pay a guest fee.

Free lessons! Group lessons for both Adults and Children are included in your membership during the Winter Season.

Social Activities, including on- and off-ice parties, dinners, luncheons, ice shows, club competitions/exhibitions and more !

Opportunity to join our various competitive teams (ie: synchronized skating)

Access to our world class coaching staff

Participation in our off-ice exercise/training programs

Use of our Training Center and equipment

Membership Options

We offer a variety of skating privilege options to suit all needs, ranging from unlimited skating to one session/week.  We have a flexible a la carte system where you can choose different skating privileges for each person in your family.

You can opt for a Club season (Sept. thru June) or a Winter season (Oct. thru April) skating membership.

We also offer a “TRY BEFORE YOUR BUY” 30 day-trial membership.

Below you will find all of our membership options, as well as the current Dues and Fees Schedule.

How do I Join?

Fill out an application and submit it, along with your dues check, to the club office and you can begin skating and enjoying all the other benefits of membership immediately !

Membership is provisional for the first month.  During that time you will be invited by our Membership Admissions Committee to attend a New Member Meet & Greet session, where you will have a chance to meet members of the Committee as well as other new club members, and learn more about the PSCHS and all that we offer.

Membership Application

2019-2020 Dues & Fees Schedule