Philippe Poirier

Philippe, a former French Canadian figure skater, has been skating for more than 35 years. He competed in both singles and ice dance. His testing credentials include Gold Free Skate, Gold Field Moves and International Pattern Dance (all through Skate Canada).
He has been a part-time dance partner for 25 years for skaters of all ages and all levels. After getting his MBA in arts management in Quebec, Philippe joined the ice show as a professional skater. He toured with Holiday On Ice for 8 years, and also with Robin Cousins’ ICE for its inaugural UK tour. Philippe has also worked as an executive manager for a Canadian contemporary dance company, which allowed him to combine his enthusiasm for cultural business management and his passion for dance. He moved to the United States 5 years ago and is currently coaching in the Philadelphia area, as well as guest coaching in Michigan and Wisconsin.
Philippe is a PSA member and teaches all levels of pattern dances and free dance, MIF, choreography, stroking and edge class.