Program Dance

Program Dance

Ice Dancing or Program Dance is a compulsory dance session. Compulsory dance is a form of figure skating where skaters dance as a couple to music that has a definite beat or rhythm, such as a waltz, tango, blues, etc. The dance patterns comprise of standardized steps that cover a full circuit of the rink.

We offer two program dance sessions during the Winter Season.

On Wednesday nights the program dance for adult members is a compulsory dance lesson taught by one of our professional coaches.

On Saturday the program dance is a social compulsory dance session. At these sessions skaters skate with other members and two of our professional coaches to pre-programmed dance music.

On the First Saturday of every month during the Winter Season you may partake of an “English Tea” upstairs in our lounge following the Program Dance.

If you are a member of another U.S. Figure Skating club and you would like to come as our guest to one of the Saturday afternoon sessions please contact us.

Committee Chairs: Portia Bonavitcola and Kathleen McGowan