Adult Skating

Adult Skating

At PSC&HS we have a vibrant supportive adult skating community.

Programs for adult members include the beginner Ice Breaker lessons, dance and stroking group classes, Saturday Program Dance and Tea, Adult Synchronized Skating, figures sessions, skating seminars, monthly lunches and an annual brunch.

Icebreakers: We offer beginner adult member skating lessons during the winter season on Monday nights. These lessons are coached by our professional staff. 

Patch/Figures: 6 sessions a week are available for traditional figures skating.

Disciplines: Adults may participate in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, and Ice Dance.

Club Pro-Am: Is offered once a year in the spring. Adults may compete with a professional coach in ice dancing. There are awards given to the winners of these levels:

The Fetter Novice Dance Trophy – awarded to the winner of Pre-Bronze Dance
The Meyers Trophy – awarded to the winner of Bronze Dance
The Molton Trophy – awarded to the winner of the Silver Dance
Stan and Sally Urban Dance Trophy – awarded to the winner of Pre-Gold Dance