Rink Sponsorship

Sponsor PSCHS

Local businesses and institutions can team up with PSCHS with our Rink Sponsorship program. We have opportunities for placement of a custom banner at the rink representing your organization.


Dimensions: Approx. 2-1/2 x 6 feet with space for your name, logo and slogan

Visibility: Prominent placement at the rink,  visible to our members, guests, visitors and competition participants

Materials: Banner will be created by PSCHS

Duration: One year term with option to renew annually

Cost: Sponsorship is just $1000 per year

Click here for Sponsorship Information and Sponsorship Order Form.

Our members, guests, visitors and competitors are the same individuals who are your prospective customers.  Showing your support for PSCHS while exposing your business to new customers is a winning community engagement strategy.